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thanks for sharing your experinece

thanks for posting your experience with Sistar. can i translate your note and share it with korean fans (official fanclub for Sistar, STAR1) ?

Re: thanks for sharing your experinece

Sure. You'd probably want to omit that part where I say they think I'm hot though... LOL!

And can you show it to me once you post it? I'm curious to see. :)

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Ohmygod you're so lucky! I really wish I could have gone to see the concert, they're my favorite girl group, but I had an exam going on at the exact same time :/

I got to see Sistar during KMF 9, but never walking around the hotel or anything (pretty much saw everyone but them u__u). I'm happy you had a great experience though ^^ one day I hope to have that chance too.

Thank you for sharing :D


But tell me, in your opinion is MBLAQ really Handsome? :)))

LOL. I'm a guy, but they were good looking dudes. Wayyyyyy better looking then me, that's for sure.

thanks for the fan account :D i wonder which b2st member they mistook you to be lolol

I have NO idea. I look NOTHING like Beast.

lol, well, i am sorry to admit this but more than half of the fandom girls are not too intelligent i guess @_@

Well, I was around various girl groups, so I'm guessing that they weren't really fans of Beast. I think they just got a bit overzealous and mistook me for a second.

oh. well nonetheless i uphold my previous comment LOL

LOL. And I was curious, but how did you find this entry? There was a sudden influx of readers that came from nowhere.

AKPF (americankpopfans.com) posted it on Facebook :D they're a very funny kpop news site.

LOL, awesome. Mind if you link me to it? I can't seem to find where it was posted?

so when i tried to post that link it said my comment was marked as spam per your blog's settings o_O

Weird. I got it though. Thanks!

lol thanks a lot for sharing you thoughts on it.


Even thou you might not have a picture with them, it's the experience that count!!

Absolutely true!

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