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Congratulations, Esther and Steve
Arrested Development - Charlie Brown

Congratulations!!! Crazy that another member of Animal Farm is married. Esther and Steve, I'm hella excited for you guys and I wish you only the best.

Pictures taken by Susie and myself, via Instagram. You can tell which ones are mine, because I don't use crappy borders and filters. Follow me @charlieum. #ShamelessPlug

The before and after.

Group shot! Too bad Justin's head covered Linda...

Going to the parking lot to get, how should I say it, upgraded? I supervised.

I'm the only one that didn't have flowers, but they're the ones that look like they're lacking. Hah!

With Linda before the after party.

Pre-party. I was there as entertainment. I was doing this dance a lot:

It's that sweet talk.


My face is the only face without lights obstructing it in both pictures. If you want to learn how to do that and more, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for tutorials.

Ready to go home.

Linda calls me at 9AM telling me to come out for pho. We drag ourselves there, chow down and head to Cat's place to literally lie around...

And 8 hours later, we still on the floor. We weren't hungover, or at least the majority of us, but we were so lazy. Zombies almost. No one wanted to move.

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